RDC Evacuation/Emergency Checklist

In northern Nevada, we live in a high fire danger area. We have seen countless fires pop up and wreak havoc on the terrain and threaten homes in our area. One thing you can do to make it easier to evacuate quickly with the items you need, is this printable checklist for evacuations and emergencies. Think of it as peace of mind to know that you can refer to this list to ensure you have done your best to evacuate quickly to safety. We want to help you stay safe as valued members of our community.

LINK: Print RDC Evacuation/Emergency Checklist

Is it safe to schedule medical imaging during COVID-19?

We are in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic. While many events and activities have been put on hold, one thing everyone should maintain is their regular health appointments, screenings and any medical imaging. It is normal to feel stressed during this time, but by maintaining your care you are doing something beneficial for your health.

When you visit RDC, you may notice a few changes in our delivery of care:

When you call to schedule your exam you will be asked a series of health-related questions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Prior to your appointment, you will receive a secondary follow up call/notification to check to see if any new symptoms or exposures may have taken place since you initially scheduled.

Day of appointment
At the entry of RDC facilities, you will be screened, have your temperature taken and asked to wear a mask or face covering. We are strictly enforcing a mask-wearing policy inside our facilities. If you do not have a mask, you will be given one. Once inside, we are practicing social distancing. All patients are asked to attend appointments alone (unless approved for guests) to avoid any crowding.

What you can expect from RDC and Staff
We are following CDC, state and local government guidelines for the well-being of patients and staff. All RDC staff are screened daily upon starting a work shift. All of our team members will be wearing protective gear throughout the day. We have increased the cleaning and disinfecting process to multiple times a day in common areas and continue our regular practice of cleaning and disinfecting after every patient exam in every modality.

RENO DIAGNOSTIC CENTERS Welcomes New Radiologist

RENO, Nev. (Aug. 18, 2020) – Reno Diagnostic Centers (RDC) is pleased to welcome Arielle Bauer, MD to their team of radiologists. RDC operates northern Nevada’s only free-standing medical imaging centers in the Reno area. Since its inception in 1985, RDC has long been noted for offering patients the latest in technology while also providing patients with quality service at lower costs compared to competitors.

Dr. Bauer received her medical degree from Tulane University. She most recently completed her fellowship in abdominal imaging at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Arielle Bauer to the team at RDC. Dr. Bauer’s clinical excellence along with her commitment to high quality, compassionate care makes her a perfect fit for our group. We are so glad that she has chosen to serve the community where she was raised. She will be a great addition to an already outstanding medical community.” Vijay Sekhon, MD, radiologist at Reno Diagnostic Centers/President of Advanced Radiology Ltd. (ARL).

Continuing Your Medical Care Through COVID-19

Vijay Sekhon, MD
Radiologist at Reno Diagnostic Centers

During the recent pandemic, most Americans have skipped or postponed important medical care. Now that social distancing measures have successfully flattened the curve, it is time to start giving your health the attention that it deserves. We must address non-COVID-19 health problems before we start seeing the negative impact of delayed care on the health of our community. For important screening exams such as mammograms, we know that early detection and treatment saves lives. Unfortunately, health problems do not take a break during a pandemic, and now is the time to get back to optimal health.

We understand the continued fears of entering a healthcare facility.  Rest assured, your safety and health is our #1 priority. Over the past few months, we have adopted the most advanced hygiene practices to ensure a safe visit. Our convenient non-hospital locations provide ample parking and limited exposure to other patients. We have a highly experienced and friendly team of schedulers who will give you a prompt appointment time and limit the number of patients who will be seen in the center during your time slot. Because of our ability to schedule some exams for the same or next day, we have helped patients with more pressing or urgent medical concerns to avoid long and expensive trips to the emergency room. If your physician needs results right away, one of our radiologists will interpret the exam as soon as it is completed and provide immediate answers.

Since we are not seeing COVID-19 patients at our imaging centers, every individual entering our facility (including RDC staff) will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and have their temperature checked. Patients who do not have their own mask will be given one. Waiting rooms and exam rooms are continuously disinfected using CDC approved cleaning products.   We have all the necessary personal protective equipment to keep our patients safe.

At Reno Diagnostic Centers, we have been committed to the health of our community for the last 35 years. This has been an extremely difficult time for our community from both a health and economic perspective, but we have been here through it all, and we have adapted our practice to continue to safely meet the needs of our patients. We are confident in our ability to provide the safest, highest quality care, so you can begin making your health a priority again. Your health is our highest consideration, and in these rapidly changing times, Reno Diagnostic Center continues to be here for you.





RDC in Action COVID 19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been in the forefront of our daily lives. At RDC, as a healthcare provider, we have actively engaged with our leadership on a local, state and national level to keep updated and current on new protocols. With new information coming out daily, all of our clinical leadership has dedicated themselves to various groups and committees to ensure RDC is adhering to all directives while also providing a voice for our medical community.

Dr. Golding
As the Medical Director of Reno Diagnostic Centers, Dr. Golding regularly meets with our national, state and local congressional representatives to consult and aid is assuring the health and financial stability of our northern Nevada medical community.

Dr. Swanger
As current President of the Nevada State Medical Association, Dr. Swanger has daily communication with the executive director of the organization with the main objective being a support to physicians who provide patient care. During his time as president, they have developed a mask making and distribution campaign in Las Vegas, obtained a list of reputable personal protection equipment suppliers so local doctors could obtain necessary supplies, worked directly with members of the Governor’s Medical Advisory Team to provide current, on the ground information to the medical advisory team to provide up to date information available to the Governor. Recently, Dr. Swanger sent a letter to Nevada US Senator Rosen requesting additional funds for the Paycheck Protection Program to support many physician practices that will be needed to provide adequate healthcare to Nevadans when this crisis is abated.

Dr. Sekhon
Dr. Sekhon was recently appointed by Governor Sisolak to serve as the radiologist representative on The Radiation Therapy and Radiologic Imaging Advisory Committee.  In this role, he will make recommendations to the Board of Health regarding appropriate use of radiologic imaging and radiation therapy.  Additionally, he will be evaluating the scope of practice of radiology technologist licensees, to ensure that technologists across the state are appropriately trained and credentialed.  Dr. Sekhon is grateful for the opportunity to promote the practices which have made RDC the premier imaging facility in Northern Nevada so that all Nevadans can benefit from high levels of imaging quality and safety.

Clinical Nurse, Melane
RDC’s clinical nurse is actively involved on a state and national level with Emergency Nursing Association. With her involvement in ENA, she is able to utilize information from across the country to help fight COVID-19 locally. The ENA group is active in the pursuit to get PPE released to the appropriate areas. She also maintains regular communication with the CDC and the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health to implement any protocols recommended so that RDC continues to operate in the highest level of safety for our patients and staff.




How To Wear a Mask During COVID-19

Our RDC Clinical Nurse shows you a few key steps to wearing a mask properly- whether you have a homemade mask or a N95, there are a few important things to know about how to wear it properly (cover your nose and chin). Watch this quick video for a few simple tips and tricks.

COVID-19 On a CT Scan

Video by Ron Swanger, MD, RDC radiologist

As the world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought we’d show you a different perspective on the virus from a radiologist point of view. In this video, Dr. Swanger shows you a CT scan of the lungs of a patient who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (this example is not of a local patient). What you will see is a rapidly developing pneumonia that begins at the bottom of the lungs at the periphery which progresses over a matter of a few days to fill almost all the lung threatening the ability to breath.

A Message To Our Patients- COVID-19

Every day, we learn more about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our world, the country, and our community. Our office is dedicated to understanding how it affects our patients and staff. We are making all the necessary changes to our office routine and continuing to use our high standard of infection control and disinfection processes. Aside from our infection control protocols, we have increased the cleaning and disinfection of the common areas and frequently touched surfaces with a high-grade medical disinfectant. Additionally, we will have hand sanitizer available at the front entrance.

We are closely following the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations to adjust to the necessary prevention of the spread of this disease. We have informed our employees on the importance of necessary hand washing and staying home if they feel sick. We also kindly ask our patients to help us contain any potential spread by rescheduling your appointments if you feel unwell or feverish.

As an additional precaution and to ensure the safety of all our patients and staff, we will now be taking each patient’s and visitor’s temperature prior to their entry into the office. If signs of fever are present, we will kindly be asking patients to reschedule appointments to a later time.  We will asking additional screening questions prior to patient’s and visitor’s entering our facility.

We respect everyone’s concerns regarding the transmission of COVID-19 and if you wish to reschedule during this time, please feel free to contact our office. We will continue to monitor this situation and do all we can to protect our patient family.


Ross Golding, MD
Medical Director, Reno Diagnostic Centers