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Imaging Equipment used at RDC:

CT/EUGE64 Slice VCT with ASIR dose reduction
DXA/EUGELunar Prodigy
DXA/SRGELunar Prodigy
Digital Mammography/EUHologicSelenia Demensions
Digital Mammography/SRHologicSelenia Demensions
Fluoroscopy/EUSiemensLuminos Agile
StereotacticHologicSelenia Demenions
X-Ray/EUQuantumQG50 with Bayer AccuVue DR
X-Ray/SROdysseyHF with Bayer AccuVue DR
X-Ray/CCKDRAdvanced U-Arm
Ultrasound/EUPhillips/GEiU22/Vivid E9
Ultrasound/SRGELogicQ E9/LogicQ P
Ultrasound/CCGELogiq E9 XDclear (NYE)
3T MRI/EUSiemensMagnetom Skyra