Serving Northern Nevada
the Best Medical Imaging
At The Lowest Price.

Serving Northern Nevada the Best Medical Imaging At The Lowest Price.

At Reno Diagnostic Centers, we believe that there is more to advanced medical imaging than merely providing high-quality services. We believe in ensuring our patients are treated with the highest level of dignity and respect from the second they walk through our door. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our patients and providers receive the highest level of professional expertise, the most comprehensive medical imaging technology, and the top-notch care by choosing us. After all, what good is having all of this high-tech imaging equipment without also providing superior care?

Since 1985, Northern Nevadans have put their trust in Reno Diagnostic Centers. We continue to be committed to that success every day. Let us take care of you and your family. Make your appointment today by calling: 775-323-5083

The Best

Quality and Value

At Reno Diagnostic Imaging Centers, our patients are like family, which is why we offer the most affordable diagnostic imaging in the area.  Our team of board-certified and subspecialty-trained radiologists understand the value of your time. We are committed to the fastest turnaround on reports and access to view patient files online for physician offices.

Leaders in


RDC has led the way in medical imaging technology in Northern Nevada for over 30 years. As one of the first providers to introduce medical imaging to the area, we believe in continually striving to offer newly innovative technology to our patients, always pushing the bar to take care of our community.



We offer two types of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exams, one which caters to those who suffer from Claustrophobia. These exams help create precise pictures of soft tissue.

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We provide a variety of women’s imaging services including 3D mammography (Tomosynthesis), Digital Mammography (2D), Breast MRI, and more. Our radiologist and staff are highly trained to walk you through your initial exam to diagnosis and treatment.

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Our 128-Slice CT scanner has the ability to do multiple slices simultaneously in less than half a second (a typical full-body CT is performed in about 15 seconds).

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Fight bone loss with RDC. This minimally invasive test allows your physician to get an inside look at what’s going on with bone mass and determine if you need to take any necessary steps to achieve optimal bone health.

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Ultrasound is a minimally-invasive diagnostic procedure that utilizes sound waves to create a moving picture of your body.

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This 10-minute, non-invasive DXA exam is the most accurate test for body fat available. It assesses the lean amount of tissue vs. fat tissue in your body, measuring your risk for cardiovascular disease.

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PET and PET CT allows your radiologist to see changes in your body on a cellular level.  This revolutionary imaging test is critical in the early diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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Our subspecialty-trained radiologists use this technology to diagnose a wide-variety of diseases such as gallbladder disease, coronary artery disease, cancer, and so much more.

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X-ray is traditionally used to look at fractures in bones or in combination with Fluoroscopy to identify problems with your digestive tract, circulation issues and much more!

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Cutting-Edge Mammography Technology for the Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

RDC is excited to announce our latest addition of women’s imaging services: Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, also known as 3D Mammography.  This innovative mammogram technology allows the radiologist to see breast tissue in ‘layers.’ This feature and the reduction of callbacks has been beneficial for all women in the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Our Women’s Imaging Services include the following:

Watch this video for what to expect during your mammogram at RDC.